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Limit use of gadgets to reduce stress: Dr Sahoo to students

‘Jeevan’ holds session on ‘Empowering oneself to be able to handle stress in life’ at Church School, Beldih

Jamshedpur, June 13: With the stress level increasing among the school students, ‘Jeevan’, the only registered suicide prevention centre of the city organised a workshop on ‘Empowering oneself to be able to handle stress in life’ at Church School, Beldih on Wednesday.

Dr Manoj Sahoo, a well-known psychiatrist presided over the session and informed about the causes of stress among students and how to handle them. It was an interactive session followed by a Q and A session where students cleared their doubts and queries. Around 400 students of class 9 and 10 benefitted from the interactive session.

Today’s youth especially students lead a much stressed life, Dr Sahoo suggested to improve inner strength students should follow meditation regularly. He explained the importance of communication, sharing one’s anxiety and phobias with the parents, realising one’s own potential and doing self-counselling. He also suggested limiting the usage of gadgets. Dr Sahoo recommended making oneself emotionally strong to be able to handle the stress.

Volunteers of Jeevan played a few mind games with the students and gave tips on how to release stress as it is a part of life and is bound to come from time to time.
The Principal, Vice Principal and teachers present during the workshop found it to be very effective. A workshop on the same topic would be conducted for the students of classes 11 and 12 on June 14.

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