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Life is incomplete without love for the Divine: Pandit Tripathy

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Jamshedpur, Aug 26: On the second day of Bhagwat Katha at Satyanarayan Mandir Thakur Bari in Jugsalai Chowk Bazaar, Pandit Santosh Krishna Tripathy �Rishi� narrated the episodes of Mata Sati, evolution of mankind and the birth of Shukradev Maharaj and Raja Parikshit.

Pandit Santosh Krishna Tripathy �Rishi� said that life was incomplete without dedication to the Divine. �Devotion is God. God favors love. To attain God you have to be dedicated like the child Dhruv and that is the only path. It is compulsory to listen to the recitations of God to express love in true sense of the expression. You don�t have to be elderly or rich to attain God.�

He cited the example of Dhruv who did hard penance and attained God at the age of five and half years. He said that it was written in the Bhagwat that God did not appear before Dhruv to give the child His darshan but He alighted on earth to get a darshan of Dhruv. He explained, �Man should always think of God for it is not known whether there will be a next moment in our lives. Man reaps as he sows.�

A large number of devotees thronged the venue to listen to the Bhagwat Katha.

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