Thursday, June 8, 2023

Let’s look into current trends in the aspirations and beliefs of our society

Advertisements, India’s leading Horoscope portal released its annual analysis of astrology trends.

The trend points towards, empathy and desire to be loved, as the priority of women in 2015. A yearly analysis´┐Ż of the calls received at’s call centres across India, highlights that 90% of the calls were related to love and relationships, most of which were made by women.

The average queries constituting of about 29% of the total calls, were related to love and marriage and exceeded those made with regards to any other issue.

On the other hand, the portal, on its Astrology helpline number 55181 discovered that 80% of the calls made by women, highlighted that 68% of their doubts were related to career and personal relationships.

The award winning website, famous for its scientific approach to Astrology, showcased that women are more concerned about the intimacy, relationship, family and marriage related issues, while the men are inclined more towards profession and career.

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