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Leadership Series at XLRI

MVS Murthy of Future Value Retail addresses students
: MVS Murthy� Chief People Officer, Future Value Retail Limited (Future Group) As strong believers of experiential learning, the students of PGDM (GM) at XLRI, host the Leadership Series, a platform for students to interact with industrial stalwarts. This event attained eminence on 25th January, 2014, thanks to the enchanting presence MVS Murthy� Chief People Officer, Future Value Retail Limited (Future Group).

Drawing from his diverse experience spanning over more than 24 years, MVS Murthy, persuaded the students to have clear goals and create their own vision and mission statement.

MVS Murthy also mentioned that as future leaders, the students should constantly have a passionate outlook towards learning.

Through his inspiring speech, MVS Murthy urged the students of PGDM (GM) to work towards self-mastery by showcasing the pyramid he had created for himself.

Quoting �See Do Get�, he encouraged the students to constantly challenge the status-quo ��..Always look for something more�..�.

MVS Murthy mentioned that one should be proactive and take control of one�s life. To highlight the importance of outcome, he said �Begin with the end in mind�.

Mr. MVS Murthy also said one should take an extra step to understand the outer world and not complain of being misunderstood. �….Seek to understand, than to be understood�.�.

Coining an acronym, GROW (Goals, Reality Check, Options Available and Wrap Up) for the duties of a coach, he compelled the students of PGDM (GM) to mentor their sub-ordinates and empower them to create their own goals rather than enforcing.

Talking in length about Situational Leadership, one should focus on supportive and directive behaviour of oneself to improve the performance of the team members.

He also concluded by mentioning his own 3D model � �Decide, Dedicate, Dividend�. As future leaders, he said we should decide on the investment we should make on ourselves. With enormous dedication in the chosen field of interest, one would reap the dividends.

The sincerity and passion with which MVS Murthy spoke on �Leadership in the Talent Age� definitely did leave a lasting impression in the minds of the students of PGDM (GM) at XLRI.

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