Saturday, May 21, 2022

KSMS organizes safety workshop for students’ mothers

Jamshedpur July 2: Every year, the Safe Club of Kerala Samajam Model School (KSMS) puts up something for the school to make the students aware of the burning safety issues.

The school’s Safe Club, comprising both the senior and junior students, forms the pillar of the school in the times of emergencies.

They make the students know about various ways and precautions by which they could get out of the difficult situation such as stress and be mentally safe.

Every year, Safe Club organizes some events for the girls’ safety not only in the school but also outside the school.

This year too, a girls’ safety workshop was organized by the club for the mothers of the girls of Classes 7 and 8.

Girls’ safety is the burning issue in India presently. It is not only necessary but also important as in order to safe.

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