Saturday, June 10, 2023

KPS students launch �Car Wash� drive to help flood victims of Kashmir


Jamshedpur : Students of Kerala Public School ( KPS) Kadma in the effort to reach out and help the victims of Jammu & Kashmir have come up with the innovative idea of Car Wash, which was formally launched on Wednesday at the school assembly. The students themselves came up with the idea to wash cars and generate funds for the victims of Jammu & Kashmir.

Apart from washing the forty odd cars of the guests, who were present at the lunching function, and the teachers parked in and around the school premises at Rs. 100 per car today, the students will be doing so in other school like Loyola School, Sacred Heart Convent, Kerala Samajam Model School, Beldih Church and Rajendra Vidyalaya.

Principals of the schools were extremely open to this idea and gave a go ahead to these students to come and do car wash and raise funds for the relief. On day one itself, the idea and efforts to wash car generated Rs. 10000/-. K N.Venkat of Rotary Club donated Rs 5000/- and other guests also giving more than Rs. 100/- per cash for washing.

The children who took up the cause were christened � NAKY (New Age KPS Youth) which is a take on a liner �neki kar dariya me dal�. The children sported the designer T-Shirt which flashed 3C which stands for Compassion, Cognize and Cohesive.

Rajnish Kumar, managing committee, member of Tata Relief Society applauded magnanimously and spoke on positive punishment where the children were made to think and introspect. He said generally any children found doing wrong in school is given various punishment or their parents are called and warned.

Making them realize the wrong their have done and letting them decide how to contribute positively and help generate money for a good cause have resulted in making these students realize how their parents are earning and rearing them and donating the money for a good cause will make bring them closure to humanity. No work is small and dignity of human being and labour should always be valued.

The launch was also witnessed by A P R Nair, chairman, KPS, Sharat Chandran, Shrikant Nair, Shanta Vaidyanathan Directors and many senior Rotarians; K. N. Venkat, Dr. R Bharat, Katy Gabba, Aruna Taneja, Harnit Singh and Vivek Tulsiyan .

Sharmila Mukherjee, principal welcomed the guests and briefed on how brain storming between Sharat Chandran, director and some fourteen high school students who are always found restless and distracted took the shape of what everybody witnessed today.

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