Friday, September 22, 2023

Kodas distribute clothes to poor & needy

Himalayan Paths

Noamundi, Oct 12: On Maha Ashtami day Ex-CM Madhu kora and wife Gita Kora MLA Jagarnathpur distributed 650 sarees and 150 lungi to the needy people of Nuai, Thakura and Gua sai.

On the occasion Madhu koda said that he is the son of a labour so he knows the pain of a being a labour. In the appointment of workers at Gua SAIL priority should be given to locals of the area.

Through my MP and Gita Koda�s MLA fund we will strive for development of Gua area, the most important part is to improve the condition of Gua main road, added Koda. At the event members of Jai Bharat Samanta Party along with several villagers were present.

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