Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Kharsawan martyrs’ dependents to get jobs: CM Hemant Soren

CM says heroic saga of martyrs enhanced our dignity

Jamshedpur, Jan 1: Chief Minister Hemant Soren paid homage to the Kerse Munda Memorial and Martyr Memorial on the occasion of Martyrs� Day at the Memorial in Kharsawan. He saluted the martyrs of the Kharsawan firing. He observed on the occasion, �Our forefathers have fought a long battle against exploitation.

The fight has been fought against the exploiting feudal lords, money lenders and even against the British. Whether it is Kolhan, Santhal Pargana, Palamu or Chhotanagpur, the heroic saga of martyrs has enhanced the dignity of this state. �Just as the dependents of the martyrs of the Guwa Goli Case were given jobs , the present government will give jobs to the dependents of the martyrs in the Kharsawan Firing incident. Henceforth, there will ot be any rule or step that would create problems for the people of this state.�

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that the decision taken in the first cabinet meeting of the present government would ensure that only projects with state interest in focus would be executed. Decisions would be taken with the interests of tribals and Jharkhandis uppermost in consideration. �No person will die of hunger in Jharkhand. The stigma that has come in the last five years has to be wiped off. Ever since the swearing-in, the people of the state have revived their aspirations and expectations from this government.  It will be the endeavor of the government that work will be done in the interest of this state and the people here. Every step undertaken will be to ensure the respect of Jharkhand, to find a better path for the coming generations, for the safety of our mothers, sisters and daughters, and for a solid education system.� 

Soren stated, �We gather here at the Martyrs� Memorial in Kharsawan every year. Jharkhand definitely is a martyrs� state. Whatever moves the government makes would be in conformity with the dreams and ideals of the martyrs. Despite our state being backward, our people fought a long battle against the exploiting classes. The people of the entire state today, have entrusted responsibilities with the new government and though this huge responsibility is a challenge, it is not insurmountable and together we will certainly come out blazing.�

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