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‘KhamoSheWithLife’ to promote skills among hearing impaired in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, June 22: Taking part in creative activities can help the hearing impaired community to feel more confident and learn new skills. With this aim, La Gravitea, a DeafCafe at Jamshedpur that employs deaf, hard of hearing and orphan boys and girls is all set for the new edition of KhamoSheWithLife.  It is the only annual event by a startup in India which empowers and gives an opportunity to deaf community to show their skill in diverse fields.

The contest has invited a two minutes video from deaf community around the globe showing their creative skill in what they can do for society/environment during Covid19 lockdown. For society, it could be helping elderly in their task, assisting children, supporting other PwDs, teaching YOGA and so on. For the environment, it could be spreading awareness on saving water/no honking, making others learn the importance of living garbage free. The event will be held on Twitter’handle @LaGravitea. The results will be organised on July 28.

The brain behind the event Avinash Dugar said: “ The contest is an opportunity to stay positive utilising your time and energy so that PwDs don’t suffer from mental health issues during the pandemic and win some cash prize in return. KhamoSheWithLife 4.0 in 2020 which was held online on the Facebook Page of La Gravitea had a participation of 111 deaf girls from 5 countries viz., India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa. This year too the participation is overwhelming.

La Gravitea in posh Circuit House Area has employed waitresses and cooks, all sourced from Sonari’s Bal Vihar, an institution that works with the hearing impaired. Apart from serving breakfast, lunch and drinks, the most unique feature about the cafeteria is their initiative to empower women with hearing impaired.

 “I always had a passion to start my own venture. Moreover, I want to serve the society in every way possible. I resigned from the corporate world and started my own tea vending kiosk. I had a popular tea kiosk near Sacred Heart Convent School, where one morning a hearing impaired girl came with her brother,” recounted Dugar.

La Gravitea is the most sought after café famous for its more than 100 international varieties of tea. Green, white, organic, ice, flavoured, herbal, blooming – you name it and you will get it at.

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