Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Kartik Oraon University to be opened soon: Raghubar Das

Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh to move hand in hand on the path of progress: Dr Raman Singh

Ranchi: Attending an Inter State Mass Cultural Program along with the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh at Raidih in Gumla, Chief Minister Raghubar Das today said that the state government has spent Rs. 18.28 crore for the welfare of the tribal people.

�The government is spending 50 per cent of its budget for the welfare of schedule castes and schedule tribes. Tribal people need to be aware of their religion, language and culture and should be proud of it. It was the dream of Kartik Oroan that we need to fulfill today. We should make people aware of their rights. State government will soon start Kartik Oroan skill development school in Gumla so that children pick up skills while receiving education. We have sent a proposal to the Central government for Pankh Raj Saheb Kartik Oroan University,� he said.

On the eve of Jharkhand Foundation Day, Johar schemes worth Rs 15 crore were launched for the welfare of schedule castes and schedule tribes. �Under this scheme, the government will pay Rs 4 lakh for employment. Around 4.80 lakh women will be employed under Sakhi Mandal scheme. With the help of several industries, beekeeping will be encouraged and the government will give assistance. To bring about quality change in the life of the poor people is the priority of our government,� said the CM.

Das further said it was 14 year of political instability that didn�t allow Jharkhand to develop properly. �Chhattisgarh was formed in the same year but in terms of development, it is ahead of us and one cannot deny it might have happened because of political stability of Chhattisgarh. We need to identify anti development elements and bypass them from politics. Kartik Oroan raised voice for religion, tradition and culture. State government is for all religions and communities,� he said.

The Jharkhand CM further said that for the welfare of people, the state government is running several schemes. The government made separate Tribe Ministry for their development. Government has marked 500 Sarna places and within 2 years their beautification work will start, he said.

Chhatisgarh CM Dr. Raman Singh said that under the leadership of CM Raghubar Das Jharkhand is progressing fast. �New educational institutes are being opened. This is result of better policies. Government here is determined to bring smile to everyone�s face and this is visible now. State has several unique welfare schemes. With mutual harmony, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh will move forward,� he said.

Dr. Singh further said that Jharkhand is a land of sacrifice. The martyrs of this land sacrificed their life while protecting their motherland, tradition and culture. Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh are similar in many ways. Border can divide us but hearts have mutual respect, he said.

Also present on the occasion, Union Minister of State Sudarshan Bhagat said the Chief Ministers of both the states will together move forward Kartik Oroan University. �It was the dream of Kartik Oraon to open an educational institute for tribes. Education will help in the creation of an organized society. State government took a big step by bringing conversion bill. Bill will help in protecting tradition and culture,� he said.

Minister Vishwadev Sai said that Kartik Oroan is invaluable and it was his dream to spread education in the tribal society. He was a visionary and knew importance of education, said the minister.
Gumla MLA Shivshankar Oraon, Ashok Bhagat and mayor Asha lakra were also present during the programme.

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