Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Jusco Shramik Union AGM turns chaotic, ends in a jiffy

Jamshedpur: The annual general meeting (AGM) of Jusco Shramik Union was convened on Tuesday ahead of the forthcoming elections. Not unexpectedly, the meeting witnessed pandemonium leading to a hurried end of the AGM without any conclusion on the name of electoral officials for the union polls.

The AGM was organized at Utkal Association, Sakchi. It started off around 3.15 pm. The deputy president of the union BK Dubey conducted the AGM proceedings. The union members paid tributes to the former members of the union before starting the day�s proceedings. Thereafter, the union treasurer RK Thakur read out the accounts report.

Chaos resulted when the vice president of the union DK Singh came on the stage and tried to take the mike in his hands in order to raise a question on some issue. Soon a struggle ensued among the members to get hold of the mike. Both factions raised slogans against each other.

While the commotion continued, Dubey announced the name of former Tata Workers Union member CS Jha as the electoral officer for the upcoming polls. He also presented the proposal for co-option of union president Raghunath Pandey and SL Das which was passed by the employees by raising of hands. The ruling faction of the union ended all formalities of the AGM within five minutes.

This and the co-option proposal were opposed by the rival faction.

Sources said the labour department may have to intervene in the matter to give legitimacy to the AGM of either the ruling faction or the rival faction. Interestingly, neither Raghunath Pandey nor SL Das attended today�s AGM.

Apprehending tension during the AGM, labour department had deputed a magistrate at the AGM venue. Heavy deployment of police personnel was made at the venue. CCTV cameras were also installed for the purpose.

The union president said the AGM was the victory of the workers. He said the co-option issue was taken care of during the AGM. He said the polls were announced and the electoral officer had assumed charge of his work.

On the contrary, VD Gopal Krishna, former union president said, �It is not possible for Raghunath Pandey to ensure his victory through unfair means. He has retired. He should now quit the union with honour.

The employees have rejected him in co-option at the AGM. Very soon the union polls will be led by the union vice president S Alam. The union polls will be held soon.�

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