Monday, May 29, 2023

Jusco launches door-to-door awareness campaign


Jamshedpur, June 1: Jusco launched awareness about the Door-to-Door campaign at the Sonari Community Centre on 2nd June. Residents of Sitaramdera along with members of the community centre (approx.120 nos.) participated during the awareness session.

Pamphlets were distributed on the process, method and manner of segregation to make people understand on how to do what. The awareness session was conducted by Arun Vidyut, Chief Public Health, Jusco along with his team members comprising of G P Eshwar Rao, S John Shubhakar, Bhaskar Mussalla, Ranjan Nayak.

The Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 & Swachh Bharat Mission give importance to the Segregation of Waste at Source and Recognition and Integration of waste pickers into the solid waste management system. Jusco initiated a pilot project at ECC Flats, Farm Area, Kadma market to do the same as it has now become paramount to separate waste and dispose it strictly as per guidelines.

The 2bin1bag movement shows us the positive difference that can be made by citizen initiatives coming together under the Zimmedaar Nagrik Zimmedaar Shaher Umbrella to achieve the dream of a garbage-free city. Similar awareness campaign has been planned for other localities in town covering residential, commercial and market areas.

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