Wednesday, November 29, 2023

JUSCO carries relief work for cyclone victims

Jamshedpur : Due to heavy cyclone and continuous rain Jamshedpur witnessed yet again flash flood like situation on October 12.

But nothing to worry for the citizens� of Jamshedpur as JUSCO spun into action and extended help to the affected areas.

Be it flood or any other calamity, JUSCO is there to provide all support to the citizens� promptly. Our team of dedicated officers from Public Health, Security, Power Services, Water Services are always there to take up any such activity at short notice.

During the recent flash flood low lying areas around the river were affected and people were stranded. Some of the flat complexes that got affected were Green Park Cottage, Kadma, B S Estate Complex, Anil Sur Path, Kadma, Block No.3, Shastrinagar.

In Green Park Cottage Team JUSCO provided boat for the rescue of the residents, milk & bread for those who were stranded and could not be rescued, restored power, provided water tanker and organized for spraying bleaching power in the affected.

In B S Estate Complex D Block Team JUSCO promptly disconnected the power line for safety reason, rescued the stranded people and later restored the power line.

In Shastrinagar Block No.3 Team JUSCO cleaning and spraying of bleaching power was done.

The residents of all the three flat complexes thanked JUSCO for the prompt response and appreciated the work done.

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