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Julie murder case : Police suspect family members, three detained

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Jamshedpur: Mystery prevailed as a 38-year-old woman was found dead at her bed Dhatkidih Medical Bustee under Bistupur police station area on Sunday night. Julie Ghosh, the murder victim was the widow of Kallu Ghosh, a liquor mafia.  Kallu was also murdered in front of his house at Dhatkidih Medical Bustee in 2018.

The news of murder of Julie spread like wildfire on Sunday when her son Sunny saw his mother’s mutilated body lying covered under a blanket on the bed.The police are suspecting her close the family members might be the assailant.

As the news spread about the murder, deputy superintendent of police (Composit Control Room) Arvind Kumar had rushed to the stop.  Soon after City SP, Subhash Chandra Jat had also arrived at the murder scene for investigation.

Kumar said they were investigating the incident and which they suspect that through a socket for a window air conditioner the assailant must have entered into the house from the back side and fled having murdered the woman with a sharp-edged weapon. The air conditioner has been sent for repair.

“As per the initial probe, it appears that someone close from the victim’s family must have committed the gruesome murder of Juli Ghosh.  We have detained three persons for interrogation, but one of them known as Shivam Mukhi is suspected to have committed the murder,” said Kumar.

Juli was the second wife of Kallu Ghosh who had a country-made liquor business in the city and beyond.

“During probe we found that Juli had a son, Sunny Mukhi, from her earlier husband Rajesh Mukhi.  After the murder of her husband Kallu Ghosh, Juli would stay alone at the house.  But she would cook food for her son and mother-in-law, who used to stay at a house in the neighbourhood.  Every night at about 8,30 pm, Juli used to come to her son’s house to serve food to him and her mother-in-law.  But on Sunday night she did not come.  He somehow entered into the house through a grilled door to find his mother lying murdered.  Her throat was slit and the body was covered under a blanket on the bed,” said the DSP (CCR).

According to Kumar,  the assailant must have come through the air conditioner’s socket and came out of the house having killed the woman.

“We are searching for the murder weapon, but could not find it, despite extensive search at the house and outside, meaning the assailant must have carried away it after committing the murder,” said the senior police officer.

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