Friday, September 22, 2023

Jugsalai Municipality to start door-to door waste collection from today

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Jamshedpur : The local civic body, Jugsalai Municipality will start door-to door waste collection from tomorrow.

The urban civic body made announcements through public address system about its new initiative. Officials of Jugsalai Municipality said that seven vehicles for waste collection ( garbage tipper of Mahindra costing around Rs 6 lakh each) which were procured in September last year and were lying idle would be utilised for the task.

Special officer of Jugsalai Municipality Surendra Prasad said the new initiative would bring about a big change in cleanliness drive at Jugsalai, a commercial cum residential area.

” It is our ambitious project and we are looking forward to make it successful. The work of door-to-door waste collection would be carried out by a private agency. The vehicles along with the cleaning staff would go door-to door and collect domestic wastes. Initially, we will start with four vehicles. Later, rest of the vehicles will be used covering more areas,” he said.

Jugsalai has a population of about 60,000. For convenience of waste collection the locality has been divided into various zones. The door-to-door waste collection will cover around 6,000 houses. According to a rough estimate Jugsalai generates wastes of 0.50 tonnes daily.

The area is known for garbage and waste overflowing. Areas like Gauri Shanker Road, Gareeb nawaz Colony are worst hit.

�Heaps of garbage and filth lie unattended in our locality but there is no one to listen. A drain is over flowing nearby our complex though I went to lodge a complained at Jugsalai Municipality but despite assurances the situation remains the same.

The stink and unhygienic atmosphere bothers commuters, especially pedestrians using footpaths along the roads. People inhale these particles and fell victim to various infectious disease,� said a resident.

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