Thursday, June 17, 2021

Jharkhand pace up vaccination drive while minimizing wastage

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Vaccine wastage falls to 1.5% from earlier 4.5%

Ranchi, June 9: Jharkhand government is making efforts to spread awareness and get rid of vaccine hesitancy among people, especially in rural pockets, and doing away with the myths and misconception related to the COVID19 vaccine.

The efforts made by the state government are now showing results in terms of paced up speed of vaccination and reduced vaccine wastage in the state.

As per the vaccine data from NHM Jharkhand, till May 26, the vaccine coverage in Jharkhand was 40,12,142 doses, whereas as of June 8 morning, it recorded an increase with coverage of 46,07,189 doses. In a short span of two weeks, almost 6 lakh new vaccine doses were administered across Jharkhand.

 Till May 26, net vaccine availability at the state government was 42,07,128 doses, out of this 40,12,142 doses were administered whereas on June 8th, net vaccine availability was 46,76,990, out of this 46,07,189 doses were administered to the people. This resulted in bringing wastage down to 1.5(%) per cent from earlier 4.5(%) per cent.

The awareness campaign initiated by the Government of Jharkhand is now yielding fruits. On one hand, while this initiative helped pace up the vaccination drive in the state, on the other hand, it also helped drastically reduce vaccine wastage in the state. On May 26, the vaccine wastage in the state was close to 4.5 per cent, it has now come down to less than 1.5 per cent.

“Since the day of the announcement of the vaccination drive, the government has been working hard to ensure the availability of vaccines for all. Given the diverse demographic profile of Jharkhand, many initiatives have been taken up to ensure the availability of the vaccine to the last mile,” said a source in the chief minister’s office.

 In May, following directive by  chief minister, Hemant Soren, there started an awareness drive across the state to make people aware of the necessity of vaccine  and other relevant information. More than 23 Lakh women of Sakhi Mandal, under JSLPS, were trained to create a mass awareness drive across the state.

 In many parts of Jharkhand, it is very difficult to reach by four wheeler due to the difficult terrain and positioning of villages. Many villages in Jharkhand are situated on hilltops or people in few parts of the state are still living in the forest region. The government is putting in every effort to ensure the availability of the vaccine to them also. Many districts have adopted bike vaccination drive with the on-spot registration facility. This helped not only in creating awareness among the rural population but also mobilized a large population to the nearby vaccination centers.

 Different districts across the state are also operating mobile vaccination van to ensure vaccination in the distant parts of the state.

Officer on special duty for Covid-19 vaccination at National Health Mission, Naman Priyesh Lakra has written to all civil surgeons in 24 districts that in the light of the Union health ministry directive on June 7, 2021the second dose of Covishield vaccine can be given prior to prescribed time interval (after 28 days but before 84 days) to persons intending to undertake international travel for education purpose, for joining employment in foreign countries and for India’s contingent to Tokyo Olympics.

The letter asks for a competent authority at the district level to check if a period of 28 days has elapsed after the date of first dose of the vaccine, genuineness of the purpose of travel based on documents.

This facility shall be available to those who need to undertake international travel for these specified purposes in the period up to 31st August 2021.

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