Friday, September 24, 2021

Jharkhand MLAs threaten legal action against contractors over allegation of commission

Jamshedpur, July 26: Two ruling party MLAs, Baharagora lawmaker Sameer Mohanty and Potka legislator Sanjeev Sardar have threatened of taking legal action against the contractors who had accused the two of them of seeking commission. 
The contractors had alleged that the two MLAs, both from JMM had sought commission for project in Building Construction department which made him boycott the tender in protest. 
The two MLAs refuted the allegations  and sought to take legal action against the contractors who had alleged that the MLAs sought five percent commission on tenders of the building construction department. 
The two MLAs speaking to media said that the contractors had made fabricated allegations against them as they prevented them from taking whimsical decision in execution of project and dared the contractors to prove their allegation of seeking commission. 

The two MLAs said that in erstwhile government only selected contractors were allowed to take part in tenders of various projects while contractors of rural areas were not allowed to take part in tender. This used to happen as there was a syndicate between officials and contractors. However, they raised voices for rural contractors so that they shoudl also be allowed to take part in tenders if they fulfill all condition of the tender and in retaliation the contractors made such baseless allegation against them and threatened to file defamation suit against the contractors. 
The two MLAs said that they have already informed about the issue to the state chief minister Hemant Soren and state chief secretary Sukhdev Singh and alleged that the contractors were acting at the behest of vested interest group. 
Sameer Mohanty said that if any of the contractors prove about the allegation of seeking commission then they will relinquish the MLA chair and resign immediately.
He also  informed that they have written to chief minister and chief secretary for the details of the tenders in building construction department, rural development department and urban development department during the erstwhile BJP-led government of Raghubar Das and how many contractors were given projects and demanded a probe into the quality of work done in the project. 

It is to be mentioned here that contractors had boycotted the tender process of Rural Engineering Organisation (REO) accusing the two MLAs of seeking 5 per cent commission on Saturday. 
Potka MLA Sanjeev Sardar said that they had not sought commission from anyone neither has talked with anyone in this connection over phone. He threatened to take legal action so that contractors think twice before making such baseless allegation against public representatives. He informed that in earlier governments there was a syndicate of contractors and government officials which they want to continue during this government too but this will not be allowed now. During the current government all work would be carried out in transparent manner. He also said that before becoming MLA he was a zilla parishad member for 10 years but had never got allegation of seeking commission. He suspected that the allegations  have been made at the instigation of opponents. 

Rural contractors support two MLAs

Rural areas contractors came out in support of the two local MLAs. Addressing media at Circuit House they alleged that few contractors were resorting to power tactics in building construction department and were not allowing rural contractors from not taking part in tender process despite fulfilling all norms since the last three years.  They were not able to fill GST documents too and that they submitted memorandum to all rural MLAs and sought justice.

‘Tender boycott was due to seeking of commission’

Contractors Welfare Legal Forum’s president Nirbhay Pandey accepted that he was a BJP member and had got party membership during the membership drive being undertaken over missed phone call but said that the allegations were not labelled at anybody’s instigation and reiterated that both MLAs had sought commission and the contractors boycotted the tender process in protest. He also said that for purchasing tender forms they had to pay money and for not filling up tenders would cause them monetary loss and there is no logic to boycott tender incurring financial loss. 
He alleged that in Covid pandemic they were not getting any work for more than two years which has caused them financial problem.

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