Friday, June 2, 2023

Jharkhand Minister’s Obscene video: Banna slaps defamation notice on Jamshedpur MLA Saryu


Jamshedpur: Amidst political slugfest of allegations and counter-allegations between Health Minister Banna Gupta and MLA Saryu Roy, the Minister has sent a defamation notice to the MLA for the second time. This notice has been sent regarding the alleged campaign being carried by Roy regarding the viral video of the Health Minister and possession of a banned pistol.

Health Minister’s advocate Prakash Jha has sent a defamation notice. Roy has been asked to answer for making false propaganda in the matter of viral video and banned pistol. The advocate said that Roy has been accused of always making false and baseless allegations against the Minister through various media and newspapers. Social media is also being used to spread rumour. The Minister claimed that his political and social image has been tarnished following these allegations.

The Minister has vehemently denied the allegations and has stated that they are baseless and without merit.

The allegations were made by the MLA during a media interaction recently, where he claimed that he had evidence of the Health Minister engaging in an obscene video chat and possessing a banned pistol. The MLA further stated that he would be willing to present the evidence to the media and the authorities.

The video allegedly depicts the Health Minister engaged in an obscene video call with a woman, and has sparked a wave of criticism and condemnation. The BJP has called for the resignation of the Minister, while others have demanded a full investigation into the matter.

In response to these allegations, the Health Minister has issued a statement denying any involvement in such activities and has stated that the allegations are false and defamatory. The Minister has earlier too sent a legal notice to the MLA, demanding that he withdraw the allegations and issue an unconditional apology, failing which he may face legal action.

The matter has generated considerable controversy and media attention, with many calling for a swift and transparent investigation into the allegations. The allegations have also sparked a debate about the role of social media in public life and the need for responsible and ethical behavior by public figures. Many have called for a code of conduct to be established for politicians and other public figures, in order to ensure that they behave in a manner that is consistent with the values and norms of society.

As the matter unfolds, it remains to be seen what action the MLA will take in response to the legal notice, and how the investigation will proceed. The incident has underscored the importance of ethical and responsible behaviour by public figures, and the need for transparency and accountability in public life.

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