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Jeen Mata Mahotsav kicks off with Shobha Yatra

Jamshedpur, Jan. 11: Like every year, Jeen Mata Pariwar Jamshedpur�s 10th annual Jeen Mata Mahotsav kicked off with display and pomp. A procession was taken out on the first day of the Maa Jeen Bhawani�s 10th annual festival from Sakchi Shiv Mandir on Monday evening.

Rajkumar Ringasia performed the rituals along with his wife Rama. Rituals of 251 Nishan was also done. The procession traversed through Sakchi market-Kasidih-Sitaramdera before terminating at Maa Jeen Bhawani Mandir in Vijaynagar, Golmuri.

Earlier the Shobha Yatra was jointly inaugurated by Social worker Mohanlal Agarwal, Congress leader Bharat Singh and JVM Leader Abhay Singh.

The center of attraction during the long procession was magnificent fireworks displayed. The tableau of Jeen Mata at the procession also attracted several devotees. Devotees also held Gonfalon of Hanuman and Jeen Mata were also taken out. Hundreds of devotees were part of the procession.

Water and snacks was distributed among devotees at various locations of the yatra. On the occasion Bajrang Lal Agarwal, president, Jeen Mata Pariwar, Mahabir Moonka, Shambhu Khanna, Umesh Shah, Ratanlal Modi, Sitaram, Vinod Khanna, Rajkumar Ringasia, Natwarlal Singhania, Bajranj Agarwal, Omprakash Ringasia, Sunil Debuka, Pramod Khanna and other members of the Pariwar were present.

On day two of the festivity, bhajan evening will be held at Sakchi Agrasen Bhawan. The main events to be held include Jeen Shakti Mangal Path of Maa Bhawani will begin from 10 in the morning. For the Mangal path and bhajan evening famous artists from different parts of the country will perform.

Pujari Anand Prashar from Jeen Dham Rajasthan and Lalit Parikh from Siliguri will present religious hymns. For the evening famous artists Arvind Sehal and Lata Singh from Kolkata will present the hymns. Grand stage of Jeen Mata will be decorated by artists from Kolkata.

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