Thursday, December 1, 2022

Women entrepreneurs join hands for pet care products

Jamshedpur, Nov 18: City-based women entrepreneurs and pet-lovers Palak Jain and Paridhi Jain have joined hands to start a venture called DILO that deals with the four-legged babies’ best quality products.

“It is love for the pets that motivated us to start the venture. As we go along, our bigger goal is to be able to fulfil the basic needs of the less privileged animals. We believe that being a part of this ecosystem, we should always try to give back to nature in whichever way possible. DILO is a dream. With this dream, we wish to brighten each ‘Day In the Life Of’ your pets and our four-legged friends on the streets. We are taking baby steps towards making this a reality,” said Palak.

Day in the life of (or DILO as we like to call ourselves) started its splendid journey in 2022 with a dream. A dream to enrich every day in the life of each pet and pet parent with extraordinary experiences and indelible memories.

“Behind the birth of DILO lie the warm fuzzy cuddles and heartfelt kisses of our canine angels, Donut and Muffin. We understand that human love and premium quality products are every pet’s two most vital needs. Sure, you’re already providing the first in abundance, let DILO take care of the latter,” said Palak.

DILO is based out of Delhi NCR.

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