Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tata Steel employee among two succumbs to coronavirus in Jamshedpur

Despite warning people seen without mask

Jamshedpur, July 23: The city is slowly turning into a Corona hot bed with corona positive cases going northwards.

The positive cases crossed 1000 in just 70 days in East Singhbhum district alone.

On Thursday, the city witnessed �two more deaths taking the figures to 23.

Those who died were identified as 82 old man and admitted at TMH on July 22 and a 57 year old man is said to be an employee of Tata Steel. �

82-year-old Sonari resident succumbed to the virus on July 23 evening. According to reports, the elderly was rushed to the hospital with difficulty in breathing. He was also suffering with Lungs and liver disease and was admitted to the hospital on July 22 and he died the next day.

The second patient who died of corona has been identified as 57-year-old Tata Steel employee. Resident of Sidhgora the company employee was on leave for quite some time. Suffering from fever and difficulty in breathing the employee was admitted to the hospital on July 18. He tested positive for the coronavirus on July 19 and succumbed to the disease on Thursday, July 23 evening.  According to reports, both the deceased had no travel history and did not come in contact with any COVID-19 patient.        

As of now no medicine has been evolved for an effective treatment of Covid, but people who have recovered from Covid have antibodies — proteins the body uses to fight off infections — to the disease in their blood.�

The blood from people who have recovered is called convalescent plasma which is the liquid portion of the blood.

The Kolhan Division which was under green zone, came under coronavirus map with two persons testing positive at Chakulia, under East Singhbhum district on May 12.

However, with the arrival of migrants the figure has reached 500 mark and now it has crossed 1000. Most of the patients do not have travel history.

Several other persons tested positive have travel history from Maharashtra, Delhi, Gurugram and Chennai.

�We currently have around 900 dedicated COVID-19 beds ready but we need to have additional beds as per our strategy of testing to meet future challenges�. Tata Main Hospital (TMH) here has about 600 such beds ready and we are converting  more institutions for  COVID facility,� noted the official.

The Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar has directed to increase the number of ambulances and paid quarantine centers (hotels). He said that all the institutional quarantine centers or paid quarantine centers should have food, cleanliness and other basic facilities and protective equipment available in them.

� We want to increase the number of beds. Tata Steel is supporting us with converting some important institutions for COVID symptomatic patients. Even Tata Motors is also helping us in this endeavour.

We want to be prepared for atleast 1000 beds considering the number of patients rising every day,� said an official. �

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