Monday, December 11, 2023

Jamshedpur traffic police launches drive against illegal parking

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Dec. 31 : Traffic police on Monday carried out drive against illegal parking in the city. Police carried out the drive near Sakchi roundabout and Bistupur main road this morning when they pressed toeing vehicles in service.
The four-wheelers and two-wheelers parked at the no-parking zone were picked up by toeying vehicle and were seized from near the Sakchi roundabout.

“We are carrying out such drive on the year end day today because we want the streets, especially the main thoroughfares clear of any encroachment. As a large number people tend to come out of their homes for celebration, the streets will be crowded if vehicles are allowed to remain parked in no-parking zone,” said deputy superintendent of police (traffic) Shrivendra.

The traffic DSP said if a vehicle gets stuck on the road due to a breakdown, then the traffic police will always help the vehicle owner to resolve the issue. But if any vehicle owner park one’s car or SUV in the no-parking zone defying the traffic rules, then they would toe the vehicle and prosecute the vehicle owner.

The traffic police charge a penalty of Rs 300 after toeing a vehicle to the traffic police station.

Another official said that vehicles, be it a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, queued up in a cluttered is a common sight in the city. However with the towing of vehicles they are hopeful to teach the people civic sense.

Unauthorised parking has become a major concern for traffic police and repeated special drives have been launched to provide free movement. As part of tough measures to regulate traffic, Jamshedpur Police have also received wheel lockers to clamp wheels of vehicles at no parking zones.

As per the plans, only after paying the fine with the traffic police, the vehicles � be it two, three or four wheelers � can be moved away from the spot. Any attempts to move the vehicle by the owner/driver with the lock may damage the tyres.

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