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Jamshedpur tops in COVID deaths

Jamshedpur, Jan 19: East Singhbhum has recorded the highest Covid fatalities in the state. According to data released by the health department about 37 deaths were reported from the district which is more than 50% of total death cases in the state from 30 December 2021 to 18 January 2022. The district has reported a total of 1,098 deaths so far since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The city witnessed its first COVID death when a 71-year-old man who was a resident of Sonari died at the Tata Main Hospital on July 4, 2020. 

District’s civil surgeon Dr AK Lal, said that most of the death cases in the district were reported among the elderly people within 65 years above age group who were co-morbid and suffering from other ailments including Covid infection.

“There has been a greater number of co-morbid cases. A lot of victims were suffering from Covid infection too. The death happened due to other chronic ailments such as heart or kidney failure which also had a Covid infection,” Lal said.

An official of Tata Main Hospital said that the risk of death from Covid-19 strongly depends on age and previous health conditions. Older patients and those with chronic comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and pulmonary disease, are much more prone to critical.

The district administration has imposed restrictions in different areas in view of rising COVID-19 positive cases in the city. A team from district police, Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee ( JNAC) led a drive to sensitise people to wear face masks and ensure personal distancing while venturing out to carry out their essential works in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A senior health official said people should avoid visiting thickly populated places as much as possible. Though it is a festive season, people should avoid crowded places.

“If people ensured social distancing norms, the situation could be brought under control within three weeks,” the official noted. Deaths have started taking place of the persons hailing from very densely-populated localities of the city whereas asymptomatic COVID patients are present in an overwhelming number in the steel city.

“We have noticed that a number of positive cases are coming from areas that are densely populated like Sonari, Jugsalai, and Kadma. Business and residential areas located in Sakchi are vulnerable.

Crowded marketplaces and densely populated residential areas surrounding them are emerging as COVID-19 hotspots in the city,” noted an official.

Mango and Jugsalai areas have a large number of small to medium retail and wholesale business houses and are frequented by thousands of customers every day.

Despite all efforts, the city remains a Corona hotbed with corona positive cases going northwards.  The district administration has launched steps on a war-footing to control virus spread which threatens to destroy the city.

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