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Jamshedpur: Three day Tagore birth anniversary celebration concludes on a cultural high

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Jamshedpur, May 12: The three day cultural extravaganza that showcased Rabindranath Tagore’s multifaceted creative genius in the realms of his songs and dance dramas concluded on a high note at Rabindra Bhawan with the staging of Gurudev’s incisive dance drama composition, ‘Balmiki Protibha.’

This three day fest organized by the city’s pioneer cultural organization, the Tagore Society in celebration of the Bard’s 161st birth anniversary was meticulously planned to perfection. The fare offered over the three days through presentations of Rabindranath’s songs, dances and dance dramas had the delicate touches of the poet’s observations of nature, seasons and of course, the way he viewed the greater world for whom, women’s empowerment was a crucial factor in a society’s progress. These factors were featured brilliantly through the three days of homage to the personality who remains eternal through his literary brilliance.

On the concluding day, the huge audience at Rabindra Bhawan was treated with cultural embellishments that hardly gave a moment to bat an eyelid. Such was the impact of the performances presented as a grand finale in ode to the World Poet and Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore.

Students of junior classes of the Tagore School of Arts presented songs and dances portraying nature, seasons, birds and other life forms in a manner that spread a sense of aesthetic joy across the almost full Rabindra Bhawan auditorium. Music director Nabonita Sengupta and dance director Rita Mitra along with their directorial team made the entire children’s presentation a delight to be savored through time.

Students of the senior classes of Tagore School of Arts, extended the delightful experience by staging ‘Balmiki Protibha’ in a manner that would have left even the connoisseurs of Rabindranath’s creations no room to complain or criticize — such was the immaculate presentation of one of Tagore’s critically acclaimed dance dramas. Maharshi Balmiki is a household name. Rabindranath scripted the rise of a cruel, illiterate dacoit from the depths of tyranny to the elevated pedestal of a saint who did not even swat a fly. The transformation from a bandit to a saint was put across with haunting brilliance by the one and only Rabindranath Tagore. As for the artistes who put in the performance of Balmiki Protibha brilliantly, deserve accolades of the highest order. The compelling music was directed by Principal of Tagore School of Arts,  Chandana Chowdhury and dance director Tapas Das. The haunting melodies and the delectable touches of dance expressions were worth traveling miles to watch and savor.

The General Secretary of the Tagore Society, Ashis Chowdhury, observed, “Life takes its lessons from events and happenings on the social firmament. Social changes are unavoidable factors that touch life and living and this factor was sensitively brought out by Rabindranath Tagore through his composition, ‘Balmiki Protibha.’ If there is a resolve to rise and improve nothing can stop a person from attaining the height of greatness. ‘Balmiki Protibha’ thus remains relevant now as it had been earlier.”

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