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Jamshedpur: Theatre festival closes with ‘Panchajanya’

Jamshedpur, June 3: The three-day theatre festival organised by the Tagore Society concluded on Sunday with the art and culture centre of the city Rabindra Bhawan hosting the plays.

Kolkata-based theatre group Nandikar presented Panchajanya play directed by Sohini Sengupta. Sengupta is the daughter of veteran theatre icon Rudra prasad Sengupta.
The wonderful play staged at Rabindra Bhawan auditorium took the audience virtually back to the Mahabharata era where Gandhari filled with grief after losing his 100 sons in the war, she seemed numb and is taking the name of Krishna and is blaming him for the war which has taken the lives of Duryodhana and Dushasan along with 100 sons.

During the play raas-leela of Krishna and Radha is also depicted where filled with questions, Radha says Krishna that he is the great powerhouse and he had almost everything in his rights why didnít he stopped the war. The basic overview of the play is the word of Guardian of this world. Where god is also the character and cannot change the role because as it is said that everything has been written before.

The audience present at the auditorium got attached to the artists and seeing them mourning everyone was seeing Krishna as why he didnít stopped the war despite being the powerhouse and he knew that peace wouldnít prevail after the war also. The play Panchajanya has been composed by Partho Pratim Deb and directed by Sohini Sengupta. The play was appreciated by one and all and kept the audience spell bound. This concluded the three-day theatre festival at the Rabindra Bhawan.

Later, talking to the media, Ashis Choudhary, general secretary, Tagore Society, said, during the 70s and 80s Jamshedpur had dozens of theater groups which provided entertainment to the audience and also played a vital role in changing the mind of the people. It is the theatre groups that has provided several artists to the film industry but unfortunately the plays and theatrical institutions are on the verge extinction. There is a need to revive it but will happen only through the overall efforts, added Choudhary.

Significantly, the three-day event saw staging of four Bengali plays from June 1 to June 3.

The Theatre Artistsí of Jamshedpur (TAJ) organised Jyotirindranath Tagoreís AlikBabu directed by TusharDasgupta on Day One. On June 2, a group from Ranchi Union Club performed on Nirup Mitraís Phulbagan directed by Rathin Chatterjee followed by BimalKarís Ghatak.

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