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Jamshedpur: Tata Steel allotted District Administration pool quarters unauthorizedly leased on rent

Himalayan Paths

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, June 8: A six member team, appointed by the District Commissioner (DC), conducted an inspection on Wednesday to assess the state of quarters allotted by Tata Steel to government officials and employees under the district pool. The investigation revealed numerous instances of unauthorized renting, encroachment, and commercial use of these quarters. The team has submitted its report to the DC for further action.

During the inspection, it came to light that several allotted quarters had been rented out to individuals who were not entitled to occupy them. Additionally, Adeshpal was found residing in a bungalow originally designated for officers. The investigation team also uncovered cases where quarters meant for officials were occupied by lower-ranking employees. Moreover, some retired workers continued to occupy their assigned houses, while others had illegally sublet them to tenants or engaged in commercial activities.

The team further discovered that family members of certain officials or personnel who had been transferred to other districts were still residing in the district pool residences. This raised concerns about the misuse of these government-provided quarters and the lack of proper oversight.

Earlier, Tata Steel management had provided a list of 134 houses to the DC; however, the list did not specify which quarters were allotted to which officials or employees. Consequently, two separate investigation teams were formed under the leadership of Executive Magistrates Nisha Kumari and Jyoti Kumari. Each team consisted of four personnel from the District Administration and one representative from the Tata Steel Estate Department.

The inspection also revealed several dilapidated houses requiring immediate repairs. The findings underscore the urgent need for maintenance and proper utilization of the quarters to ensure that they serve their intended purpose of providing suitable accommodation for government employees. DC, upon reviewing the report, will make appropriate decisions to address the issues identified by the investigation team. It is expected that corrective measures will be taken to rectify the misuse, encroachment, and improper occupation of these quarters, ensuring transparency and fairness in their allocation.


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