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Jamshedpur: Subarnarekha Arti ghat project gets SMP nod


Banna aims to give international fame to Domuhani

Jamshedpur, February 5: State water resource department has given nod for the Subarnarekha Arti Ghat projet, a pet project of health minister and Jamshedpur West MLA Banna Gupta.

Ashok Kumar Das, chief engineer of Subarnarekha Multipurpose Project (SMP), has written a letter to the Deputy Commissioner, Jamshedpur, giving permission for the development work to be done near Domuhani, the confluence of Kharkai and Subarnarekha rivers, which has cleared the way for all the construction.

Banna Gupta said that some people were unnecessarily conspiring to stop the work of faith and religion, but now the construction work will be done in a systematic manner give international fame to Dumuhani by giving it respect as a tourist destination.

Minister Banna Gupta informed that the Water Resources Department (Subarnarekha Multipurpose Project) will spend Rs 50 crore on the construction of the embankment of Subarnarekha on Marine Drive Road.

 Along with this, weir and sluice gates will be repaired.

Minister Banna Gupta told that Domuhani will be given a bigger shape. There, along with the construction of new stairs, the construction of ritual place, construction of changing rooms for the women coming for the festivals, seating arrangements for the people, stairs will be constructed in all the ghats. Along with this, saplings will be planted along the banks to bring greenery.

  He told that under water harvesting, the dirty water falling in the river will be stored and cleaned. The said water will be used for irrigation of trees and plants. After that the remaining water will be drained into the river. So that the river is not polluted.

The following schemes have been approved in the Subarnarekha river: – On the lines of the Sabarmati and Gomti rivers, weirs should be technically constructed on the river front on the Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers.

 Anti-erosion works on river Subarnarekha like embankment of boulders, landscaping works, public facilities, walk ways and way ways. Accessibility for persons with disabilities through ramps and other accessibility features. Construction work of further ladder from the right embankment of Subarnarekha river.

Extension work of the ladder made from the right embankment of river Subarnarekha to the river and to the east. Idol immersion pool in Subarnarekha river so that better work can be done for the environment. Construction of platform on the lines of previously built platform for religious rituals.

Plantation on the embankment of Subarnarekha river. The selection of trees should be done in such a way that its roots do not go too deep and there is no adverse effect on the embankment. Eco friendly beautification work in Subarnarekha river with cleaning of dirty water from sluice gate of the embankment in a natural way by making a temporary sedimentation ditch so that it can be used for irrigation of tree roots through drip irrigation.

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