Friday, December 8, 2023

Jamshedpur: Share exam result depression with Muskan

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Jamshedpur, July 9: With JAC results coming in, some parents are elated over their children�s success while for some it may seem that the rug of their expectations has been pulled from under their feet. Disappointed parents go into depression or reprimand their children for scoring low marks or for faring badly. They give such children rough times. This state of parental mind emanates from high expectations from their children�s academic pursuits.

Social organization Muskan that provides personalized counseling to eradicate depression, maintains utmost secrecy. Muskan administration has continued to invite people of all ages suffering from depression to share their problems with specialist counselors and the success rate is very high. It has invited people with depression to discuss their problems on the 24×7 helpline numbers 8092867918/8809328019 in order to view life in an optimistic manner. Muskan authorities believe that one bad result is not the end of the world. There are several streams like, science, arts and commerce for students to choose from and students should be encouraged to select the streams of their choice.

Moreover, the Muskan administration, in view of the prevailing pandemic conditions, has urged people to follow the preventive protocols like using masks, maintaining a distance of at least one meter, washing hands with soap before meals, using sanitizers and avoiding crowded places.

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