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Jamshedpur schools on sanitizing mode as students get set to return

Jamshedpur, Aug 4: Schools in Jamshedpur have started sanitizing the campuses, classrooms, floors and washrooms to ensure safety of students. Several schools will reopen from Thursday while others have planned from Monday.

B Chandrashekharan, general secretary of Jamshedpur Unaided Private English Schools, (JUPES) said the local administration has issued a notification for the reopening of the schools. The schools will start functioning from August 5.

Students will attend school following all the Covid-19 guidelines. Since all board exam results are out, admissions for Classes 11 can start.

Motilal Nehru Public School has begun internal sanitisation with the help of disinfectants conducted through a team of school cleanliness employees.

An official said that, following the guidance and recommendations by the state government, the school was immediately closed and they are getting ready to reopen.

 “Our internal COVID-19 fighting team of two or three members took responsibility for this essential duty of keeping the school building clean by continuously disinfecting the entire school classrooms, toilets, campus, vehicles, instruments, infrastructures such as computers, books, bus etc. We know that hygiene and cleanliness are the key to deter the spread of COVID-19, therefore we have conducted internal sanitization,” said an official of another school.

Cleaning of visible surfaces followed by spraying of disinfectant is an excellent practice to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus and other viral respiratory illnesses in a school community setting

At several schools, the sanitization is being done, using hand as well as machine. Using machine, an ecofriendly disinfectant is being sprayed in the corridors, washrooms, play areas and other common areas. The dettol disinfectant is sprayed twice a week. Additionally, all the metallic handles, lift areas, etc. are cleaned by hand. The cleaning team, composed of two staff members, is using gloves and masks, while performing the cleaning process, which are then discarded.

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