Friday, December 8, 2023

Jamshedpur saloon and parlour operators take out procession, demand reopening

Jamshedpur, June 25: Under the banner of Jharkhand Saloon and Beauty Parlour Association took to streets and demanded reopening of their establishments. Male and female workers together holding placards reiterated their demand.

They demanded that salons should be reopened under standard operating procedures (SOPs) to control the spread of Covid-19. A delegation of parlour owners and beauticians also met the deputy commissioner and handed a memorandum.

They said that thousands of workers associated with the field had been affected by the lockdown in Jamshedpur alone, while the number rose into the millions across the State.

�The whole city has reopened but the salons are closed, which is completely unfair. We demand that the administration must allow us to operate. We will follow the norms of social distancing too,� insisted an operator. He appealed that the beauty salons and hairdressers should at least be allowed to function as several other states have allowed them to function. 

Meanwhile, another salon operator pointed out that salons across the city had been closed for two and half months and workers associated with the profession were facing extreme inconvenience as they were not being paid. �Many of these workers belong to less privileged and are the bread-earners of their families,� she added.

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