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Jamshedpur reels under scorching temperature, cases of heat stroke on rise

Jamshedpur, June 6 : Heat and humidity is giving a tough moment to Jamshedpur this June. The bad news is that weathermen have warned of another 48-hours of torment due to the prevailing heat wave conditions.

“Jharkhand is in the grip of westerly winds blowing from northern parts of the country. Though at some places easterly and southerly wind was blowing since last evening resulting in moisture incursion into the atmosphere but westerly winds was dominating in most places,” said an official.

Cases of heat stroke are on rise as city continues to reel undermaximum temperature of about 40 degree Celsius.
According to information cases of heat stroke cases on rise andseveral patients were hospitalised as heatwave conditions swept acrossthe region.

Nursing homes and other private hospitals were witnessing spurt in admissions. With temperature shooting up, many people havebeen attacked with cough-cold, seasonal flu dehydration,gastroenteritis and jaundice also.

The Superintendent of M G M Medical College and Hospital,said that in the Steel City two-three persons on an average are being hospitalised due heat stroke for the past few days. Patients are complaining of dehydration, mild fever and cough too.

He advised that people should refrain from direct rays of sun and take lots of liquids along with healthy meal.

“The maximum temperature will continue to rise due to the westerly winds dominating the State. We find no signs of rain in the chart analysis. People have to wait for the rain,” noted an official at Sonari meteorological office.
Meanwhile, meteorological office has extended its heat wave warning for two more days as a severe heat wave sat smack over Chottanagpur plateau region.

The office issued warning and that said severe heat wave conditions are likely over parts of Kolhan during the next two days.

A weather analyst described the condition as peculiar. “The cloud(cumulo nimbus) shells are forming at lower height and hence unable toretain moisture, which is anunavourable condition for rain. Suchclouds should form at a height of atleast 12km from the sea level,then only rain can be expected,” he explained.

The steel city scored a discomfort index of 67 degrees, 12 notches above normal. In Chaibasa and Seraikela, the same was a punishing 68 degrees. “We have issued a heat wave alert in Jharkhand. The warning will remain effective for the next 24 hours,” said R.N. Mahto, a duty officer at Ranchi Meteorological Centre. He added that a heat wave was declared when the maximum temperature exceeded the normal mark by at least five degrees for more than two consecutive days.

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