Thursday, May 26, 2022

Jamshedpur police intensify checks, several fined

Jamshedpur, Jan 22: Health department has ramped up drives against citizens found not wearing masks in public places. On Saturday, over 100 people without masks were fined. Following the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar, an intensive mask checking campaign was conducted in the entire district.
Public health experts have attributed the rise in Covid cases in the city to widespread violations of mask and physical distancing rules. For example, the experts said weddings and unregulated social gatherings may have been responsible for case spikes.
During the drive people were made aware about the use of masks while conducting a mask checking campaign in the square-squares, haat markets, malls and shops etc. of the district.
Residents were alerted about the compliance of Covid rules and the use of masks. People were explained that to prevent corona infection, it is necessary that everyone must follow the rules of use of masks, sanitizers and social distance.
The main objective of this campaign is to make people aware of the necessity of wearing a mask to protect against corona, so that no person comes out of the house without wearing a mask and understands its importance. During this, strict instructions were given to the shopkeepers that no shopkeeper will buy and sell items without wearing a mask.
A team from district administration also conducted inspections at different check posts against those violating social distancing guidelines. The team was led by NK Lal ADM ( Law and Order) and City SP Subhash Chandra Jat. The administration has come with 37 checkposts.
During the inspection, ADM directed the personnel to ensure that all restrictions are strictly enforced and no complacency shall be accepted which would defeat the purpose of containing COVID-19 virus spread. Despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the administration has observed that not all are following the rules.
“People are avoiding the precautionary measures to be followed to check the spread of the virus. We cannot afford to slip at this moment. We have started a strict enforcement drive,” said the official.
The administration has also made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask (either three-layered or made of cloth) if they are outside their homes. And those violating this rule are being booked by the police.

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