Sunday, May 29, 2022

Jamshedpur NAC seals buildings in Bistupur Ramdas Bhatta, Sonari 

Jamshedpur, may 13:Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) has started a fresh survey identifying building code and basement norms in the steel city. The civic body took the fresh initiative for identifying the commercial buildings violating the building code and basement norms.

According to the instructions of the Special Officer of Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee, after deviating the building map being constructed in the city, investigation is being done while checking the under construction buildings and the constructed buildings, today holding number 16 +16A located at Bistupur Ramdas Bhatta, Holding No. 21 Ranikudar Kadma, 353 Sonari West Layout, E/218 Sonari A Block, C/242 B Block Sonari, Contractor Area Chakraborty Complex

The part made by deviating the map was sealed. 330 West Layout Sonari, E/213 A Block Sonari, E/140 A Block Sonari, E/217 A Block Sonari 920 B Block Sonari, 1057 B Block Sonari, 1069 B Block Sonari, 1380 B Block Sonari, 644 B Block Sonari, 645 B Block Sonari, 998 B Block Sonari, 892 B Block Sonari, C/320 B Block Sonari and 72 SNP Area.

The work was started by deviating the map, which was directed to stop the work immediately and after issuing notice for the said building, the process of taking action as per rules was started. In the said campaign, along with the flying squad team, the city manager, junior engineer in-charge, tax inspector Manoj Kumar Lal Das, regional employee Vinod Tiwari Krishna Ram Prakash Bhagat Ganesh Ram and home guard personnel were involved.

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