Saturday, May 8, 2021

Jamshedpur murder: Hatoda Tyagi of ‘Pataal Lok’ motivated Deepak Kumar to execute killings of wife, daughters and their tuition teacher

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Kadma murder: Assailant was facing financial crisis

Jamshedpur, April 17: Forty two-year-old man Deepak Kumar, the main accused who was wanted in connection with four murders which had taken place on April 12 on Teesta Road under Kadma Police Station area was inspired by a web series to commit the gruesome act. The assailant was sent to jail today.

Revealing about the breakthrough, SSP Dr M Tamil Vanan said that during interrogation they came to know that the main accused Deepak Kumar was inspired by a web series to kill his wife, two daughters and also had plans to kill few others.

The SSP said that after killing his wife and daughters he killed their tuition teacher as she had seen the dead body of his wife. Not only did he kill her but also raped her dead body, the SSP said.

“During interrogation we found that Deepak was inspired by web series Pataal Lok to plan the entire conspiracy. Deepak was a fan of Pataal Lok and Asur web series and one day before executing the crime he with his wife had watched one of the web series. Deepak was inspired by a character Hathoda Tyagi in Web series Pataal Lok therefore he had executed all the murders by attacking them with a hammer,” revealed Vanan.  

The SSP went on to inform that the assailant was under financial crisis due to loans therefore he killed his wife and daughters so that they did not have to suffer once he went to jail. He said that due to his childhood friend Prabhu and his brother in law Roshan he was under the burden of loan. Deepak after murdering his family had invited Roshan and his wife to lunch at his house where he had plans to kill them. But his plans could not succeed after which he fled to Rourkela, Puri, Ranchi and was finally nabbed by Dhanbad police while he was trying to deposit money in the bank on Friday.

It may be recalled that after killing his wife, two minor daughters and the 22-year-old tuition teacher at his residence in Tista road in Kadma, Deepak had called his friend Roshan Kumar to drop in at his place for lunch. Roshan who is a resident of Telco had come along with his wife, brother-in-law and a toddler daughter at Kadma. But Deepak who was in a killing spree had also attacked his friend and the friend’ brother-in-law Ankit Kumar with a hammer, leading to grievous injuries to Roshan and Ankit.

Roshan managed to escape from Deepak’s residence along with his wife, toddler daughter and brother-in-law had informed Deepak’s brother-in-law Binod Kumar, leading the latter to inform the police.

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