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Jamshedpur MLA Saryu Roy invites Governor to “Devanad-Damodar Mahotsav-2023”


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Ranchi, May 21: In a significant development, Saryu Roy, the MLA of Jamshedpur East, met Governor of Jharkhand today at 4:30 pm. During the meeting, Saryu Roy requested the Governor’s participation in the “Devanad-Damodar Mahotsav-2023” organized by Damodar Bachao Andolan, as done every year. A copy of the request letter was submitted during the meeting.

Saryu Roy highlighted that the Damodar Bachao Andolan initiated the campaign to free the Damodar River from industrial pollution in 2004. To foster a socio-cultural-spiritual connection with the movement and involve the common people, the Damodar Festival has been celebrated since 2006 on the day of Ganga Dussehra at various locations along the riverbanks. The festival includes worship rituals and an insightful seminar discussing the cultural and spiritual significance of the Damodar River, accompanied by a commitment to making it pollution-free.

This year, the Damodar Festival is set to be organized at 44 different locations along the banks of the river, as mentioned in the letter addressed to the Honorable Governor. Graciously accepting the MLA’s request, the Honorable Governor expressed willingness to participate in the Damodar Festival program scheduled for May 30th at Rajarappa, located in the Ramgarh district, in the “courtyard of Maa Chinnamastika Temple.” The detailed program outline will be finalized and announced after receiving approval from the Raj Bhavan.

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