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Jamshedpur MLA Banna annoyed over Tata Steel’s “violation” of government rules


Jamshedpur, Nov 14: State Health Minister and Jamshedpur West MLA Banna Gupta seems to be annoyed with the Tata Steel management these days.

The minister in a veiled warning at a press conference in Circuit House, Jamshedpur said that the corporate sector should follow the rules and regulations of the land and there are means to force the company to abide with norms while highlighting several lapses on the part of the company.

The minister said that thousand of acres of government land has been given at a nominal fee, using which the company is earning crores and billions.

Giving an example, he said that according to reports, the government has given about 2206 acres of Schedule 3 land to the company at the rate of Rs 2 per acre annually, in lieu of this a provision has been made in the lease agreement that the company will  provide facilities to the citizens living here free. But the company is now charging arbitrary fees on it, on various grounds.

Banna Gupta raised the issue of Jubilee Park Gate which was closed for so many days stating that the work was being done under commercial purpose and even trees in an acre of land in Domuhani area in Sonari.

Banna also said that the required areas and infrastructure for the company’s expansion in view of 10 MT production should have been dismantled first but the company did the expansion first, now it is working to remove the structure.

He informed that a letter has been written to the East Singhbhum district administration seeking details of the CSR expense of the company.

Banna Gupta said that the situation of cleanliness in the city has become very bad and garbages can be seen everywhere, especially along the Marine Drive and claimed that some executives of the company are sabotaging the dreams of JN Tata.

He warned the officials that if the cleanliness situation does not improve in the city, then he will first pick up this garbage and put it in front of the Jusco office and the houses of the Jusco officials.

On the issue of shifting the headquarters of Tata Cummins to Pune, Banna Gupta said that the company should reconsider it, because when the company is here, the headquarters should also be here. It will not be tolerated if the resources are used in this city and the headquarter is moved to another state.

The minister also supported the JMM unit decision to block the company gate on November 17.

The minister vehemently opposed the Tatas’ initiative towards industrial township instead of a municipal corporation and said that company management is also misleading the Supreme Court. He said that the right of the people to cast their third vote should not be denied under any circumstances.


  1. Beyond Swarna rekha river bridge Mango under government, absolutely there is no development. No roads. No footpath for pedestrian. Mango bridge to Paridih chowk , both sides of service road full of encroachment, permanent garages, work shops. Why administration is silent. Construction material on road, damaging public property and public in unsafe. Government failed to have a good interstate bus stand. No safety and security to a passenger. Without NOC, insurance buses are on road. Suggest to handover to Army till it is on track. 👍👍👍

  2. situation beyond the industrial town is pathetic, few political parties wants to bring municipality in jamshedpur Industrial town to fill their own pockets. Tata steel is managing the city quite well than the government. We all know the work of municipality in mumbai, delhi , bangalore or ranchi. Always the funds gets insufficient and finally the general people has to suffer. It’s sad that our politicians just think about their own pocket.

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