Sunday, January 16, 2022

Jamshedpur: JNAC asks hotels to set up rainwater harvesting structures

Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) special officer Sanjay Kumar Pandey held a meeting with members of Jamshedpur Hotelier’s Association and directed for installing onsite compost machines and rainwater harvesting structures at hotels and restaurants before end of this month. The JNAC officer also assured of technical support in installation of the structures.

According to information, though the administration on several occasions had given orders to ensure installation of rain waterharvesting systems in new constructions, but it is yet to take action to make people strictly implement it.

“I think rain water harvesting is the need of the hour and we have to promote the concept in every possible way. Rain waterharvesting is a way to capture the rain water when it rains, store that water above ground or charge the underground and use it later. Though the concept has caught the imagination of the people in South, but in Jharkhand it has a long way to go,” said an administrative official.

Meanwhile the administration has asked the local civic bodies, namely Jamshedpur notified area committee (JNAC), Mango notified area committee (MNAC) and Jugsalai municipality to take help of private parties to meet manpower crunch in repair and maintenance of tubewells.

According to the information, the water problem is more severe in the areas located at the tail-end of water supply system and on the city outskirts. In order to end the water woes of the resident the district administration has decided to distribute water through tankers in the areas of Baghbera, Jugsalai, Pursudih and Karandih, which are the worst affected areas.

Moreover, the local civic bodies have also been asked by the East Singhbhum deputy commissioner to take immediate steps for taking help of private players in start water tankers of enhanced capacity for supplying water.

“Not only new buildings but older ones too would be asked to implement water conservation measuresapproved by the concerned agency. I think rain water harvesting is the need of the hour and we have to promote the concept in every possible way. The Government will support to the endeavour,” noted the official.

He also said that it is the least expensive form of augmenting water supply. Though water from some sources is hard butrainwater is clean and soft. It reduces chances of floods, soil erosion, and silting of lakes. In many areas, groundwater contains high amounts of dissolved chemicals, including fluorides but they are absent in rain water.

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