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Jamshedpur: Horse-ridden chariot taken out to protest against rise in fuel prices


Jamshedpur, May 23 : Taking a dig over Government’s inefficient policy to check rising petrol prices, youths took out a horse-ridden chariot in the city.
Under the banner of All India Sikh Students Federation youths took out a horse-ridden chariot from Sakchi to Deputy Commissioner’s office as mark of protest against the rise in fuel prices over the past few days.

The outfit members said the adverse impact of the continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices was evident everywhere as the prices of commodities of daily use had risen in an unprecedented manner.

They said the Central and state government should take steps to control price rise in petrol and diesel prices. The protestors said if the prices are not rolled back they would be forced to wage a bigger agitation.The outfit members said the petrol and diesel prices were relatively lower in the neighbouring countries while in India the prices had shot up.

Hitting out at the government, Satnam Singh Gambhir, president of All India Sikh Students Federation said that ever since the BJP led Government came to power people were paying the highest prices in the country for petrol and diesel.

“We took out horse-ridden chariot to draw attention of the authorities. If the prices continue to rise that day is not far behind when people will have to rely on horses to transport,” said the president. He said that fuel should be brought under the ambit of GST (Goods and Services Tax) so that prices can be regulated.
The activists said that the BJP government has been milking the public and denying them full benefit of lower international crude oil prices that prevailed during the initial years.

Another member said that that the government should withdraw the rights from the private companies so that the companies cannot raise prices. Central Government should take petrol diesel within the purview of GST.

Gambhir said, “ It is really shocking to see the prices of petrol rising with every passing day. The common man has suffered the most since the prices of petrol and diesel have increased beyond expectation.”

The delegation also handed a memorandum to deputy commissioner.

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