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Jamshedpur heaves sigh of relief as Covid positivity rate and admissions decline in TMH


Reduction in deaths cases  

Jamshedpur, May 14: Spread of COVID-19 cases has started showing some signs of improvement in the city. Going by the trends, it seems that the second wave has reached to its peak and has started to decline.  

During a telephonic media interaction, Dr Rajan Choudhry, advisor, and former general manager, medical services, Tata Steel made the above observation. He said that going by different parameters the situation is showing signs of improvement.

He went on to inform that the Covid-19 positivity rate has reduced from 32.84 last week to 32.17 this week.  While in the previous weeks the rate of positivity was 48.93. The admissions have reduced to 123 in the last three days. The hospital has witnessed a total of 66658 admissions so far. The deaths at the hospital have also reduced to 40 in last three days with 13 deaths per day while the figure in the last week was 18-19 deaths per day.

Dr Choudhry informed that 230 health staff members have been hit by the virus comprising 58 doctors and 94 nurses.

 He said that the hospital has started a new vaccination centre at Fasy Auditorium in Loyola School for 18 years to 44 years. He noted that even after vaccination, one must continue to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour including wearing of mask, hand sanitisation, social distancing and avoid crowded places. The hospital is operating 595 Covid beds out of these 450 beds are at TMH and 150 at GT hostel 4.

“We need to be careful in the coming days as the downward trends should continue for the next two weeks. We should continue to avoid crowding, wear masks and follow social distancing. This will reduce the chances of spread of the virus. If we remain serious about the protocols the virus will further reduce significantly,” he noted.

The advisor also said that TMH is also focusing on post Covid19 care clinic at its OPD. Sensing the need of those patients who recovered from coronavirus, the hospital will focus on post Covid care for the next three months.

He said that they have witnessed post COVID-19 ailments in patients who have recovered. “ Lethargy, joint pains, difficulty in breathing, itching and other skin related diseases are some ailments found in the patients post the recovery. We have decided to continue to provide a consultant to such patients who want further treatment. It will be a paid service,” said the advisor

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