Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Jamshedpur Health department on toes as seasonal diseases rise, threat looms large

Jamshedpur, July 20: Even as people are struggling with COVID-19 pandemic, a sudden rise in the cases of seasonal diseases has now started scaring the common people.

With the ever-increasing number of vector-borne diseases in the city and surrounding districts, the health department has sounded alert about seasonal diseases.

Long queues of patients can also be seen at MGM Medical College and Hospital in Sakchi and Sadar Hospital at Khasmahal on Tuesday morning.

An OPD survey at state-owned MGM Medical College and Hospital and the biggest private hospital of the region Tata Main Hospital (TMH) has indicated that the number of patients with viral fever and cold has increased rapidly in the past few days due to the temperature difference.

A senior doctor of MGM Medical College and Hospital said the rain also poses a threat to asthma patients who prefer to go out in the wee hours for jogging or a walk. He advised that it is better for asthma patients to avoid going out during early hours for walks. Diabetics, heart and asthma patients, children and pregnant women have less immunity. They should be very cautious during this season.

Dr U K Srivastava said that diseases like malaria, dengue, flu, diarrhoea, and fevers having symptoms similar to that of COVID-19 are spreading. A simple cold or cough is causing unnecessary anxiety not only in the patient but also his family members. For example, the only difference in the symptoms between COVID-19 and common flu is that the patient loses his sense of taste and smell in the former but in the latter case, these two are normal.

According to experts, sudden change in temperature have led to the rise in cases of viral fever with several various health centers receiving patients with ailments like sore throat, cold, cough, fever and pulmonary distress.

An official said that the number of patients with viral fever and cold has increased immensely at MGM Medical College and Hospital and Tata Main Hospital ( TMH) in the past few days due to the decreasing temperature.

The district health department has received applications mentioning the possibility of health related problems if adequate measures are not taken on time. Local social organisations and political parties have taken up the issue with the health department but so far, nothing worth visible is there on ground as far as measures are concerned.

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