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Jamshedpur East VS constituency voters add pep to Raghubar�s campaign strides

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Jamshedpur, Dec 2: Chief Minister and BJP�s Jamshedpur East Vidhan Sabha seat candidate Raghubar Das has been doing hectic campaigning in his own constituency before hitting the entire Kolhan turf to garner votes for party candidates before returning to undertake further parleys on his home pitch.

The Chief Minister has been camping in the city since the past three days but there has been no let up in his hectic election schedule that begins at 8 am continues till far after dusk. Yet, his spirit remains indefatigable as he moves along sprightly with his BJP campaign teams visiting people from door to door or holding impromptu discussions regarding the implementation of development schemes launched in various colonies and for people of assorted socio economic strata.

The BJP candidate from the East Jamshedpur Assembly constituency has been hammering it into people that this VS election is a tussle between corruption and dynastic rule on the one hand and all-round development on the other.

In the midst of his hectic campaign Raghubar Das did take a break when he seemed in a relaxed mood while sipping tea at Jita Das� tea kiosk near the New Court premises. A brief pause later, he was back on his feet and on the move for the ovation, reception and assurances he has been receiving from everywhere has added pep to his spirits and expectations of a thumping win when people press the EVM button of political fate on Saturday, December 7.

During Raghubar�s absence because of his campaigning schedule for BJP candidates in other constituencies throughout Jharkhand, his son, Lalit Das took charge and never let the mood and verve of electioneering sag.

The mood in the BJP camp and among voters of his constituency is on a high. The political air may be blowing in Raghubar Das� favor if the observations of political pundits are taken as a case in point.

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