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Jamshedpur devotees devise innovative ways for observing Chhat Puja

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Jamshedpur, Nov 22: The delay in receiving the state government’s revised Chhat Puja guidelines set the innovative minds of devotees ticking as they devised novel ideas to create artificial water bodies on rooftops, courtyards and available spaces without causing inconvenience to people. Some purchased artificial swimming pools including the inflatable variety and tubs of all sizes. These were conceived and executed by many devotees and their families in view of prohibitions imposed by the state government in its earlier Chhat guidelines that forbade people from visiting riverbanks, dam embankments and ponds for offering rituals. It is not for nothing that someone had once coined the famous observation: Necessity is the Mother of All Inventions.

Some devotees in Sidgora, Baridih, Agrico and other localities used the front yards and courtyards of unoccupied TISCO quarters, dug holes and filled them with water as makeshift water bodies. Devotees of Parsudih, Karandih and nearby areas engaged JCB movers to dig trenches and filled them with water for the purposes of makeshift water bodies for offering Astachalgami and Udiyaman Arghyas. The residents of Mango New Green City erected a wall and filled the adjacent ground with water for devotees to perform Chhat rituals. The water was drained out after devotees had performed their Udiyaman Arghya on Saturday morning.

The innovations accounted for less crowds at the usual river Chhat Ghats as compared to other years thus making district and police administration people breathe easy. The Deputy Commissioner and SSP have expressed their thanks to ensure peace and cordiality during Chhat Parv.

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