Thursday, January 27, 2022

Crowds at Chhat Ghats in Jamshedpur, visitors from other states raise concern level of Health Dept

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Jamshedpur, Nov 22: The rush at the Chhat Ghats during the two day festival has raised the concern level of the Health Department. Many devotees at the various Chhat Ghats were seen disobeying important government guidelines. They were spotted without masks and social distancing norms were not followed. The third important guideline of using hand sanitizer was also overlooked by devotees.

The other reason for concern was that people who had come to the city from states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and the Union Territory of Delhi where the coronavirus rate is alarmingly high had gone to their homes or those of their relatives and acquaintances had not got themselves checked.

The Health Department has appealed to citizens leaving station or those coming in from outstations to get themselves tested for COVID-19 before going home. Assistant Chief Medical Officer (ACMO) Dr Sahir Paul said that early detection of coronavirus infection made the curative process easier and more effective. He said early detection raised the curative level burt late detection could spell trouble. It may be mentioned that there are only 285 active cases in th city but even a slight letup in protocols would make it very difficult to harness a regenerated COVID-19 wave, Dr Paul warned.

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