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Jamshedpur Coronavirus: Cautiously receding COVID lines put partial lockdown in positive light


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Jamshedpur, May 13: The good news for Jamshedpur residents is that the receding COVID lines, albeit cautiously, have put the partial lockdown in positive light. The infection rate is on a down trend and recovery is clearly gaining height with every passing week of the lockdown and its extension phases. This proves that citizens have played a big and understanding hand in helping the administration apply the brakes on the COVID chain. In fact, according to records available, the past three days have seen more recoveries than infections. During this three day period 2,691 infected persons have recovered while 2,107 were tested positive.

The partial lockdown phases commenced on April 22 and since then, 99,380 people were tested for COVID infection among whom 17,486 were found positive while 15,878 persons had recovered.

During the second phase of the lockdown between April 30 and May 6, the downward trend of positive cases showed the initial signs. During this period, out of 35,405 people tested, 6,337 positive cases were detected while the recovery numbers climbed to 6,516.

The state government further extended the partial lockdown from May 7 to May 11. During this third phase of the partial lockdown, the recovery rate climbed further. 27,972 persons were given COVID tests and 4,100 persons were found with the virus. A total of 4,492 infected persons had recovered. In other words, 392 more recoveries were recorded during the third extension of the partial lockdown.

The positive results of the extended phases of the partial lockdown are tangible. In comparison, when the partial lockdown was promulgated, the widening rate of infection was almost double. On April 22, almost 20 days earlier, 4,769 people were tested during which 729 positive cases came to light while 361 patients recovered.

To quote figures, the first phase of the lockdown (April 22-April 29), 2179 positive cases were found; the second phase (April 30-May 6) recorded 179 recoveries; the next extension (May 7-May 11) 392 more COVID infected patients recovered.

East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar and Civil Surgeon Dr AK Lal backed the partial lockdown for the decline in COVID infection. They said that it (partial lockdown) had helped in breaking the COVID chain to a large extent. Both, Suraj Kumar and Dr AK Lal stated that more cooperation from the people was required to put up effective protection from the third COVID wave.

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