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Jamshedpur administration successfully taking welfare schemes to beneficiaries

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Jamshedpur, March 27: East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Magistrate Suraj Kumar and DDC Parmeshwar Bhagat have been playing lead roles in the implementation of state government’s welfare schemes in a manner that has brought back hope in the rural scenario. The dedicated approach has ensured the success of the housing, MGNREGA, pension, agriculture and other welfare schemes especially at a time when the lockdown period had ushered dark clouds of economic misery and pronounced struggles for survival.

District officials have always been alert to ensuring that the fruition of state government schemes turned a reality and allround development was distinctly visible in the district. The success story behind the assiduous and dedicated move of the Deputy Commissioner and DDC is evinced throughout the district and Parulia and Gohla villages in Mosabani Block are but two examples of a glittering success story in the implementation of welfare schemes reached out to beneficiaries. The successful implementation of such schemes as targeted for the fiscal 2020-’21 can be gauged by examples of three projects in these two villages.

The arid, rocky landscape of Raju Murmu’s landholding in Suryabera Tola of Parulia was a hopeless case, so to say. The district administration, however, thought otherwise. A pond measuring 30’ x 30’ x 10’ came up on that very plot the water of which is used for irrigation, pisciculture, bathing animals and washing clothes. Beaming beneficiary Raju Murmu said, “It was at the district administration’s initiative that this pond came up on my plot of arid and rocky land. Today, this pond is benefitting me and other villagers. Our farming is being benefitted and animals are being bathed. In addition I am into fish cultivation (pisciculture) now. My income has gone up.”

Vishwanath Pal of Gohla village is a happy farmer today. One acre of his land has been used for the plantation of 152 fruit bearing and 40 shady trees while in the vacant areas Pal has been growing vegetables including cauliflowers, cabbages, brinjals and ladyfingers. A happy Vishwanath Pal said, “I am reaping the benefits of mixed farming. The very first year has yielded good sales of vegetables grown in my farm. Vegetables can be grown in vacant spaces. The fruits will be additional benefits. I am very optimistic that my family’s fortune is making a turnaround for the better. The district administration has paved the way for our bright economic future.”

Moving back to Suryabera Tola of Parulia village, the ingenuity of making natural water captive with the construction of a loose boulder check dam comes to immediate attention. Built on the module, ‘Catch the Rain,’ the water flowing downstream from the hills used to go to waste but with the construction of the check dam, the collected water caters to irrigation needs of nearby farmlands as well as provides drinking water for animals. Owner of the plot of land, Veera Hembram stated, “Earlier, the water from the hills used to flow down but could not be used. But after the construction of the check dam, I got the total support of the district administration and now there is no paucity of water for irrigation purposes as well as quenching the thirst of animals.”

Other villages in the district too are dotted with success stories of implemented state government projects.  Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar and DDC Parmeshwar Bhagat lead a team of dedicated district officials who are bent on creating sunshine of economic satisfaction, prosperity and smiles.

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