Saturday, December 9, 2023

Jamshedpur administration gets tough over compliance of social distancing, fine to be imposed for violating norms

Jamshedpur: The Deputy Commissioner, East Singhbhum, Suraj Kumar has ordered strict compliance of social distancing in passenger vehicles in view of Covid-19. Action will be taken against those not wearing masks and those vehicles taking more passengers than the prescribed.

The Deputy Commissioner has said instructions have been given by the Transport Department, Government of Jharkhand through various letters to strictly follow the departmental directives. Wearing helmets and masks have been made compulsory for two-wheeler drivers under which the State Government on violation of Section 194. The provision of penalty of 1000 rupees is notified.

Provision has been made in respect of permission to hire taxis outside the Containment Zone, inside the district and other districts of the state, which are as follows: In the category of taxi commercial vehicle, only the registration certificate will be considered as their route pass, they will not need to take separate pass.

Taxi booking should be from the starting point to the destination. Taking a ride in between will be prohibited. Booking will not be valid on sharing basis.

Spray sanitizer will have to be kept in the taxi and seats will have to be sanitized before each time a new passenger sits.

In addition to the driver in 5 seater taxi, only 2 passengers and in addition of driver in 6-7 seater taxi, only 3 passengers will be eligible for travel. At the time of sitting, passengers will have to sit on both sides of the seat following social distancing.

Wearing masks will be mandatory for the traveling passengers. It will be mandatory to keep luggage in the trunk during the journey. Smoking, tobacco will be prohibited during the journey.

The taxi driver will have to enter the information of the traveling passenger in the passenger register and keep it safe and make it available when asked by the administration for contact tracing.

Passenger taxi will keep the registration number, driver’s name and mobile number as well as the names of other passengers traveling along with the mobile number, which will have to be made available by the administration for contact tracing.

Passengers and drivers have been asked to install the Arogya Setu app on smart phones and keep them on.

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