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Jamshedpur Abhibhavak Sangh demand action against Sacred Heart Convent School Principal


Jamshedpur, May 24: Jamshedpur Abhibhavak Sangh on Wednesday handed over a demand letter to DSE Neetu Kumari demanding action against the principal of Sacred Heart Convent School.

In this regard, the president of the association Umesh Kumar told that Adrija is a student of class 4 C in the session 2022-23 at Sacred Heart Convent School.

At the beginning of the session 2022-23, when Adrija got typhoid, the school management had banned her from coming to school till her recovery, citing the spread of the disease among children. In November 2022, when Adrija went to school after recovering completely, the school management again banned her from coming to school saying that Adrija’s studies have been interrupted for the whole session.

Therefore, the matter of sending him to school from the new session 2023-24 was told by the management to her guardian. When her parents took Adrija to school in the session 2023-24, the principal asked the parents to take transfer certificate.

The association claims that it is a violation of Section 16 of the RTE Act 2009. Kumar said that through the demand letter, DSE has been requested to promote Adrija to class 5 in the new session 2023-24 and order to start the class.


  1. why education system is so strict now days..getting admission is only so difficult and top of that all these harassment..The little kid is not able to understand only why he is not able to go to school like his other friends…Good legal action is taken an hope for justice

  2. This is so strange! 45 years back I studied there and was in class 7. I had typhoid and could not attend school for 3 weeks. When my father approached the principal to excuse me from the 2nd term exams which were to start the very next week she flatly refused. I still remember how my head would reel with weakness coming down the stairs after each exam. Except for one wonderful nun I had not found any other who practised compassion and love that was preached. It is sad to hear that the school still remains the same. Jamshedpur needs to come up with better schools. I saw the difference when I moved to Kolkata after class 10. All good wishes for Adrija and her parents.

  3. Everything Does Not Add ! Fair Probe Is Necessary !! Now That The Child Has Fought & Won Over Typhoid , All Decisions Ought To Be In Favour Of Student Always !!! School Continues To Be Run By Sisters Of France , I Suppose !!!!

  4. A student can pick up and recover from a pushback. The intention of the principal must be to hand over a firm base to the student. But should also have given the choice to the student, and force must be applied.

  5. School management should be positive towards a students ,a child has suffered from typhoid and valid reason for her absent.
    a. Principle must kind to her student and should not be pressurised for transfer.
    Must a education official enquiry the fact and take appropriate action on dectionary power of a management.
    Abhibhaavak Sangh should go for legal action as well to check.

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