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It’s Thumbs Up for team Moonka-Kedia in Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry elections

Rival presidential candidate Suresh Sonthalia and entire group bites dust

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Jamshedpur, Sept 26: Team Moonka-Kedia made a clean sweep  in the biennial election of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) held on Tuesday, September 26.

The team emerged victorious for the second consecutive term in the biennial election of Kolhan’s largest trade outfit.

The election results have sent shockwaves through the business community as not a single candidate from the opposing Sonthalia team managed to secure a win. Their presidential candidate Suresh Sonthalia also lost the election by 180 votes.

Vijay Anand Moonka and ManavKedia emerged victorious as president and general secretary, respectively solidifying their positions of leadership within the chamber.

The elections saw a total of 1698 votes cast, with Moonka garnering an impressive 899 votes while Sonthalia trailed behind with 719 votes.

This defeat has not only dealt a significant blow to Sonthalia’s personal credibility and reputation but has also shattered his image as a `kingmaker’ within the chamber.

Disappointment and frustration loomed within the Sonthalia camp, with some alleging that the Moonka team’s victory was achieved through the use of fake votes. It is anticipated that this outcome will be legally challenged in the court.

The election saw an impressive voter turnout, with 88.8% of eligible voters participating. A total of 639 votes were cast at the venue voting held on September 26, following 1059 votes cast in three days of remote e-voting. Out of a total of 1912 eligible voters, 1698 exercised their franchise.

CDSL representatives were present at the venue with their laptops for smooth e-voting.

One post of President, one of General Secretary, four posts of vice- president, as many of secretary and one post of treasurer makes up the team of office bearers.

Following the counting of votes, the election officials announced Moonka as the president of SCCI.

Winners for the other office bearers posts include General Secretary ManavKedia, Vice- President (Tax & Finance) Rajiv Agarwal, Vice-president (Industry) Punit Kauntia, Vice-president (PRW) AbhishekAgarwala llias Goldy, Secretary (Trade & Commerce) Bharat Makhani, Secretary (Tax & Finance) Anshul Ringasia, Secretary (Industry) Vinod Sharma, Secretary (PRW) Suresh Sharma alias Lippu, and Treasurer CA Anil Agarwal (Ringsia), were officially declared as winners.

Notably, a brief period of confusion stirred an atmosphere of unrest among attendees. However, the election officials swiftly addressed the situation, ensuring transparency and clarity in the proceedings.

Earlier, the annual general meeting of the Chamber was convened on September 26 morning. This was followed by venue e-voting, which took place from 11 am to 5 pm.

The enthusiasm displayed by chamber members during the voting process reflected the importance and significance of these elections in the business community.

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