Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Is corona really spread over 5G?

By  Alee khan

 Today, coronation continues to wreak havoc across the country.  Every day millions of corona infected patients are appearing.  At the same time, the figure of deaths is coming in thousands.  In such a situation, along with the atmosphere of chaos, there is a frightening situation.  These days the market for rumors of corona virus is hot.  It is heard somewhere that the corona virus is the biological product of China, which is attacking the human civilization of the country and the world as a weapon.  Nowadays, an audio on social media is also going viral with great speed.  In which two people are talking about Kovid-19 among themselves.  In which a person is blaming the 5G network testing behind the spread of corona virus.  A person in the audio says that due to 5G testing, the throat of the people is drying up and he has claimed that if it is tested by May, the beads will also stop.  Many thousands of people are sharing this viral audio with their views.

 Let us tell you for information that 5G is the new age mobile phone technology, through which communication and data will be possible at a fast speed.  It is estimated that it will be around 20 times faster than the current 4G.  After all, why did the need for 5G come in place of 4G?  In the technological world, rapid exchange of information has become the need of the hour.  Data network speed with 5G is expected to range from 2 to 20 GB per second.  The impact of 5G will also be seen in medical and other fields, which depend on high internet speeds.

 In such a situation, the question arises amidst rumors that the corona virus is actually spreading due to 5G testing?  The PIB Fact Check team investigated this and wrote on its Twitter account handle, ‘In an audio message it is being claimed that 5G network is being tested in the states and it is being named as Kovid-19.  This claim is false in PIB Fact Check.  At the same time, the WHO has written on its website that the corona is spreading in countries where 5G is not testing yet.  Sandeep Singh, assistant director of the mobile faculty department of ALTTC, who has trained 5G networks for engineers from different countries of Asia, said that 5G is running in countries like US, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, but here Corona cases  Are less than India.

 KK Yadav (Assistant Director ALTTC) says that Corona has no connection with 5G waves.  This is simply a rumor, we had sought information from the ITU in this regard and it has been reported from the ITU that the corona virus is not spread by the wave of 5G.  These waves are also particles, but this does not cause mass.  Therefore, the virus cannot stick to it.  Apart from these, scientists have also denied that 5G test and its technology can spread any kind of infection.  5G mobile towers emit non-ionizing radio frequencies, which are not harmful to human health.

 In such a situation, it is very important to control misleading content and rumors on social media.  If the rumors are not put to rest, the consequences of these rumors can be very terrible.  These kinds of rumors make people careless and can even thwart an attempt to control the corona epidemic.  I appeal to all Indians not to share any message, which we do not have any authentic facts.  Avoid any kind of rumors, follow the Corona guidelines and protect yourself.

 (Author is  Jaisalmer based freelance writer, columnist and commentator. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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