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Inviting police whip by mocking lockdown norms in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, April 10: And so, coronavirus has spread its dreaded tentacles in the hitherto safe zone of Jharkhand. The Corona positive cases until yesterday was 19 while one died of the infection in the course of treatment.

It was good to note that the so far benign custodians of the law had gradually started tightening the social lasso on antisocial elements by nabbing them and chastising them in police stations and then letting them off on condition that they go to the court after lockdown is lifted and take bail.

A dutiful citizen welcomes this police move and seeks further tightening of the noose. Just making the urchins hold their ears and do situps is too simple a measure to tame these uncivilized creatures.

The Gamharia police nabbed five such truants flouting lockdown norms and booked them. If they do not show up in court and take bail, they will be put behind jail bars. That is the way to deal with these kind of brainless fossils but will it prove to be a lesson for others of their ilk, is a question worth pondering over.

Here in our beloved city, there are a basket load of instances that contain packages of abject flouting of all lockdown� norms by even the so called grownups.

People are seen dotting roads just to see a threatened world go by to get rid of the ennui element of in-house seclusion. Why should such ‘mockeries of human society’ crane out their necks during the destructive prevalence of COVID–19 threat and invite disaster for themselves and for mankind?�

Yet, among all this khaki good, there is one ostensibly noteworthy point where the much needed ‘strictness regimen’ now being gradually adopted by the police is a bit too slack. Lenient you may call it.

It has been observed that only the common man is being targeted for flouting norms while those moving about in wow-wow cars, considered elites of society,� are being given the ‘go by.’ Are not these so called brash white -collared ungainly gentlemen and gentle ladies equally responsible for catching and spreading coronavirus?

Before pointing a communal finger, rightly or wrongly, one should introspect as the other social fingers point towards the self. “Am I maintaining the lockdown norms designed for my personal safety as well? Am I staying indoors or going out ONLY to get essentials? Am I using the mask while going out? Am I staying clean and maintaining cleanliness in and around my home?”

It is high time especially now when safety measures being adopted by citizens still look disheveled, that the district and police authorities adopt the strictest stance and harness the wayward guys and gals into obedience of the disciplined kind. Use the baton more, sanitized or otherwise, to drive in the fear of obedience in the stubborn scums of society.

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